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“Near the Mont des Arts, the Place Royale, the Rue de la Régence and the Jardin des Sculptures; our complex is located in the heart of our capital: Sablon. This district, steeped in history, deserves to be highlighted even more by offering a complex made up of buildings which will bring it to life. To do this, we want to transform this monofunctional complex into a welcoming space, for dwelling, working and living, which is full of life 24/7. This new version of the project is the result of a combination of suggestions from local residents, the authorities and other stakeholders. It involves more renovation and environmental initiatives, better protection of local heritage and smaller construction volumes. All these measures have a common goal: to enhance this district which is full of potential whilst also taking its residents into account. ”

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To keep you updated on the Lebeau Sablon project, you can find a whole host of documents under this heading: press releases, articles…


For the sake of transparency, Immobel wishes to provide documents related to the project that you can consult and download.


The most commonly asked questions have been grouped by theme to provide clear information to local residents and interested parties about the project and its implications.


Your opinion is important to us and we wish to openly discuss this with the people affected by the project. For any question relating to the design, the work or the progress of the project, a contact form has been set up.

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